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F2F12: Corporate Cooperations

International conference for business and design
2012.11.15 - 2012.11.17
Film, media and design city Ludwigsburg

Conference Program

Registration (amiando)

The focal point of the F2F12 conference is on Corporate Design and Corporate Publishing. We are also looking forward to learning of successful projects from all disciplines of Corporate Communications, as long as design is of particular relevance. For instance, this could be a completely mapped out online campaign or design and communication at the point of sale.

How designing disciplines cooperate with each other and with their clients will be presented and discussed in 2012 with a top line-up: In dialogue we trust!

Duos and trios of speakers will present their projects on the F2F12 podium. A designer will always participate:

  • Designer and client from one of said areas (enterprise, marketing, PR agency, publisher; internal or external)
  • Designer and project partner from one of said areas (PR consultant, copywriter / editor, photographer, …; internal or external). A client may also participate:

„Design is too important to leave it all up to the designers.“*

Entrepreneurs will profit from their participation at the Face to Face conference in many ways, be it as a speaker on stage or participant in front of it. In any case, it is motivating to receive new impulses and best practice examples, to initiate their own processes to optimise inter-disciplinary cooperation. Also, in all the other disciplines of this year's Face to Face, everything is about design. It is all about giving a shape to an idea which will make the idea visible, and about shaping a common world with clients, partners and employees.

Call for Papers

We are looking for entrepreneurs, designers of all specialisations as well as experts from marketing and PR, who wish to present their success stories with regards to „Design Communication“ in dialogue (or as a trio) on our stage. Furthermore, you may apply for one of our „quickies“ - these are short contributions of five minutes in between the main presentations, during which you may present your own design or communications project.

Participation for all speakers is free of charge. Arrival by train (2nd class) will be refunded.

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Conference admission and registration

The participation fee covers full conference days including catering. Early bird bookers, whose payment is received no later than October 5th 2012, will get a rebate. Registration closes on November 5th.

Registration >

Admission Prices:

2-day-ticket 349 EUR (early bird 309 EUR)

1-day-ticket 249 EUR (early bird 219 EUR)

Members of partner organisations (German Design Council, PR Plus)
2-day-ticket 309 EUR (early bird 279 EUR)

1-day-ticket 219 EUR (early bird 199 EUR)

Members of Face to Face e.V. and students
2-day-ticket 149 EUR (early bird 129 EUR)

1-day-ticket 99 EUR (early bird 89 EUR)

Team Ticket
for design studios, PR agencies or enterprises, valid for 4 permanent employees of the same business
2-day-ticket 1049 EUR (fixed rate)
1-day-ticket 849 EUR (fixed rate)

All fees include 19 % German VAT.

*Quote translated from "Der Designwert. Eine neue Strategie der Unternehmensführung" (Jacob, Burkhard; Zec, Peter)


Thursday, 15.11.2012

19:00 — 22:00 

Get Together

We meet at 7 p.m. at Werkzentrum Weststadt for a tour of the exhibition "Focus Open 12" guided by journalist Armin Scharf.

Werkzentrum Weststadt
Rheinlandstrasse 8
71636 Ludwigsburg

After the tour we'll get together for some drinks and chats in the Werkcafé next door.

Please register for the Get Together with guided tour at Amiando, it's free!

Friday, 16.11.2012

10:00 — 11:00 

Conference Café and check-in open.

11:00 — 12:00 

Welcome by the host & keynote by Frank Asmus

Frank Asmus: "Presenting like Steve Jobs"

Frank Asmus is the stage director under the top trainers. He is expert for speeches and outstanding presentations and was pupil of "body language guru" Samy Molcho for four years. In his seminars he trains leaders and sales executives. He hold lectures for the Haufe Akademie and is Partner of the Academy for Economy Leaders. He is researching about Keynotes and teaches at the Technical University Berlin.

12:00 — 12:20 

Brand Communication & Guerilla Marketing

Design metropolis Aachen

Aachen a metropolis of design?! From unconscious city marketing to a entrepreneurial, border-crossing economic stimulation.

Patricia Yasmine Graf & Fabian Seibert (Co-founder Designmetropole Aachen)

12:30 — 12:50 

Webdesign & Communication

Learning means Living

Communication and design of an initiative of the ministry of economy of Baden-Württemberg on the topic „Qualification for older employees“

Helmut v. Stackelberg (Sympra GmbH), Patrick Loechle (Kreativagentur Dorten)

12:55 — 13:00 


The Popup Street Stores of the University Ostwestfalen-Lippe

Simon Busse

13:00 — 14:00 

Lunch break.

14:00 — 14:20 

Brand Communication & Product Design

8 Pandas  - Natural Design Products (english)

With bamboo tableware into a better future – the 360 degrees brand 8 Pandas

Helge Pino Ulrich (The Branding Group), Skye Ellis (8 Pandas)

14:30 — 14:50 

Corporate Design & Crossmedia PR

Apus Design Tables

Corporate Design and crossmedia PR for the design tables made from chinese elm wood from demolished houses.

Susanne Kleiner (PR-Consultant), Stefanie Hemmann (Communication Designer)

14:55 — 15:00 


Peace man!

Can communication design contribute to the integration of foreigners in Germany?

Martina Armbruster

15:00 — 15:20 

Brand Communication

The curse of the strong brand?

Contemporary language acquisition is not handling of deficits but personality development. Not exhaustive cramming leads to the educational objective but fun-laden learning in real life. Does Langenscheid - market leader in bilingual dictionaries - deliver the right answers to the social evolution an the individual demands of the target groups? The dialogue shows how Langenscheid uses a brand new, technologically complex and innovative product to supply the brand with new attributes und enrich the personality. Image language and design play a key role in this process.

Martin Summ (Kochan & Partner), Kerstin Piejko (Langenscheidt)

15:25 — 15:30 




15:30 — 16:00 

Coffee break

16:00 — 16:20 

Corporate Design & Corporate Culture

How to loosen up a bank

The new corporate design of the Landesbank Saar: brand analysis, idea-finding, graphic implementation.
Main topic will be the question how the soft values - the corporate culture - could be discovered. It will also be shown how the findings were used to develop an unusual corporate design and get it agreed.

Rolf Mehnert (Fuenfwerken), Holger Schmitt (SaarLB)

16:30 — 16:50 

Corporate Design & Communication

With vision and courage

The lecture tells the story of the former Raiffeisenbank Kleinwalsertal that became the Walser Privatbank to amongst other things provide more safety and service quality. The brand core "We provide safety today for tomorrow" is the base of the new corporate design. It is meant to make the bank known in Germany and manifest its uniqueness.

André Stauffer (MetaDesign CH), Markus Kalab (Walser Privatbank)

16:55 — 17:00 




17:00 — 17:15 

Short break

17:15 — 17:35 

Corporate Publishing

125 projects around the world

Telescopes in Chile, a restaurant on the Eiffel tower, a zoo in Melbourne: SCHOTT AG in cooperation with MairDumont publishing group released a travel guide to 125 worldwide destinations where the technology group's specialty glasses are used. With it the service portfolio was presented in a comprehensive way and the international and innovative image of the company was strengthened. The result: 25.000 copies distributed and four PR awards won.

Boris Mackrodt (Fink & Fuchs PR), Jürgen Breier (Schott AG)

17:35 — 17:55 

Interface Design & Corporate Communication

The Fette Compacting Efficiency Guide

That corporate change happens through communicative ideas and their graphic implementation is not often the case. The Fette Compacting Efficiency Guide is an example how communication can change a company.
The Guide was implemented as key visual and communications instrument in form of an interactive app for iPad and kiosk systems which are now the basis for different usage scenarios in marketing and sales.

Sascha Stoltenow (SCRIPT-Corporate + Public Communication),
Georg Engels (Braun Engels Gestaltung)

18:00 — 18:05 



19:00 — 22:00 

Get Together


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Saturday, 17.11.2012

09:30 — 10:30 

Conference Café and check-in open.

10:30 — 10:45 


10:45 — 11:05 

Corporate Publishing & Public Relations

With how much courage can a corporate brand cope?

WirDesign shows examples of their work for different clients including annual reports, magazines, internal communication and PR projects.
Focus is on the presentation of the workflows, communication with the clients and the results.

Brigida Kempf, Creative Director, wirDesign, TBA

11:05 — 11:25 

Webdesign & Communication

Creatives for Creatives

About open communication, chances and risks, compensation and feasibility – two young movie producers want to relaunch their web portfolio.

Simon Daubermann (client. agentur für gestaltung),
Christopher Krusche & Moritz Hausdörfer (Blickwerk Media)

11:40 — 11:45 


Urban Patterns

Finds on the way. Photographically collected passing by.

Andreas Kuhn

11:45 — 12:00 

Short Break

12:00 — 12:20 

Editorial Design & Digital Publishing

The cookbook app Caramelized

The future of cookbooks – print is not enough any more!
People expect cookbooks to be appealing in form and content. John Grøtting of Caramelized thinks that an cookbook can be even more attractive when done as an app.
Which factors do have to be considered while designing a digital cookbook?

John Grøtting (Caramelized GmbH), Sebastian Schroer (Pilotwelle Kommunikation)

12:30 — 12:50 

Corporate Identity

Outdoor Cooking Queen

Re-invention of the kitchen – looking for the identity.
The dialogue covers the process from the first moment of the briefing to the systematic developement and implementation of the product, brand and stratefy for sales and communications.

René Götzenbrugger (Graustich - Büro für Design, Beratung und Realisierung), Nadine Pollex (OCQ - Outdoor Cooking Queen)

12:55 — 13:00 


Look, that's how it smells!

A visual system for the communication of olfactory sensations.

Ingeborg Scheer, dasign GmbH

13:00 — 14:30 

Lunch break and networking

14:30 — 14:50 

Value Design & Marketing

Human fat and farting pigs

A cross section through the micro- and macrocosm of design solutions of today and tomorrow: from a spring gun to the Blue Gold, from Konstanz to stardust. Deus ex Machina and meanders of (non)practice.

Ralph J. Schiel (naturblau), TBA

14:50 — 15:10 

Brand Communication

ZooZoo – Friends for Life

Stuttgart-based manufacture ZooZoo develops fondly designed animals in limited editions and offers them to their clients as colorful "friends for life". These range from small animals like ducks and kois to dogs, alligators and baby elephants.
The complete brand communication, teaser film, website and more will be presented in the dialogue.

Raphael Pohland und Erasmus Stillner (MVONH), Elwira Lerche (ZooZoo)


15:25 — 15:30 


The Spirit of German Design - Strategy and local origin in product design

Juliane Eckstein, beyerdynamic GmbH & Co. KG

15:30 — 16:00 

Coffee break

16:00 — 16:20 

Brand Communication

Städel Museum Frankfurt – Sell what you really feel. We feel fine.

Why does a cultural institution has to look closely on what the people "feel"?  At which point did the client decide that communication with feelings is the key to the brand? And how does an agency really blow life into such a relationship? Keep working until it works.

Steven Sasseville (Orange Hive GmbH), Martin Hegel (Städel-Museum)

16:30 — 16:50 

Social Media & Corporate Publishing

Reunions are fun!

The target: boosting Deutschen Bahn's 15.000 facebook fans to 50.000.
The method: a comprehensive campaign with miniature models. Sure thing that this has to look good!

Lars Kempin (Burson-Marsteller), TBA

16:55 — 17:00 


Employer Branding – self-branding

What branding kann do for an employing company.

Rotraud Diwan, TMP Worldwide Germany GmbH

17:00 — 17:15 

Short break. The jury is busy now ...

17:15 — 17:45 

F2F-Award & closing words

Best dialogue and best Quickie win a F2F-Award. 
The audience decides!

17:45 — 18:30 

Time to say Goodbye ...

Networking for everyone not wanting to leave yet.



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